Friday, January 16, 2009

TV Ads!

The interesting thing about TV is that everyone who appears for an Advertisement is doing something better than what u are doing.U may be working fulltime or part-time or jobless.But the people who come on TV are always happier than u.Have u ever seen the detergent powder Ad.A car splashes dirty water on a man's shirt and then he' ll be still happy and dancing coz he has a one rupee coin which he tosses up and gets a detergent pouch back.Imagine how will u feel if u r in the same situation!Ok some of these are fine but there are certain products which will have totally weird and misdirected Ads...

Some people have a little too much fun on TV.The pan masala people! I wonder where and how they manage to gather the enthusiasm they show for promoting such a product.Recently I was watching this AD about a product named Meetha Magic! My God how happy these people were.....boys and girls on the beach,running,jumping, laughing,celebrating,driving a convertible car and then having this pan masala.They try to show to the world that they are cool just because they have these stuffs!!! Its after all pan masala! People do find it disgusting.Pan masala the reason why most of the govt buildings,and trains have red splashes on white walls.How can anyone be cool having them??And then there's one more brand i dont remember its name.The Ad will be having a group of businessmen discussing and then the one of them will be having this pan masala and a girl will be impressed!! lolz....I wonder whether really these kind of girls exist on this earth!!

I wonder how these people manage their life in the real world? If a friend of mine promotes a stupid product I ll tease him everytime he comes in front of me.I wonder how they must be facing their parents?How are they able to attend college?And also the kids in the family....they ll be like " no no i saw xyz bhaiya on TV he was having the same stuff...mummy mummy i also want that..."

And sometimes u ll be amused to see that u must be eating whose Ad u must be watching...But everything will look brighter inside the TV. "Issko khaane se toh wahan pahunch jaate hae!" And u would be wondering is it the same product or something else?

So I conclude by saying a very few products are advertised in a proper manner,some make a fool out of u..and the most of them a made only to bring out a smile on yr face during the break when u r forced to watch saas-bahu serials on the TV!


Aparna said...

yes it is kniwn fact that ads misguide us mislead us

they dont depict the truths

we shud buy sensibly

and children shouldnt be allured by commercials as they r ignorant

ad makers make children their target

pls drop by my site and comment

C R D said...

hehe. tv ads have always been that way. ads are meant to exaggerate.

the best ads are the ones for toothpastes...the models all seem to have their lips stitches to their noses and chins..coz they always have their 32 pearlies showing [:P]


C R D said...

plz disable word ve if possible :P

Sorcerer said...

Misguided missiles..
nice one

cutestangel said...

I guess its all in a days work for these artists.It brings in a salary!!

Disha said...


Youngsters mainly fall prey to these attractive advertisements...

they should themselves realize the worth of the products being advertised and buy it UNDER PARENTAL GUIDANCE!!


Dan* said...

lol gud post......i dont but buy bit i just feel its fun watching it

bella said...

tv addz r mostly like dat...funny ....but without ne reason...

gud post..orangee!!

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