Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tagged again...

Tagged by Ste

is your cell phone? Computer table
Relationship? Single

Your hair? Artistic
rk? not at all
Your sister? tuition
Your favorite thing? Long drives
Your dream last night? A Normal one, thats why i dont remember what it was.. :D
Your favorite drink? Pepsi
Your dream car? Keeps changing... BMW for now
The room youre in? My room
Your fears? Elevators
What do you want to be in 10 years? A Dad
Who did you hang out with this weekend? Family
What are you not good at? Singing
One of your wish list items? Royal Enfield
Where you grew up? Banjara kind of life
Last thing you did? Black forest
What are you wearing? Towel
What aren't you wearing? everything that i am supposed to be wearing
Your pet? Wanna have a White mouse.
Your computer? Assembled
Your life? Smooth
Your mood? Orangee
Missing? Old days
What are you thinking about right now? Have to take bath soon..
Your kitchen? reminds me of food
Your summer? stay inside home
Your favorite color? Orange
Last time you laughed? when i sang "I am Henry the eight i am,"
Last time you cried? when i had a bad dream.
School? was good.
Love? i am a Narcissist.

Now any1 who reads this tag is supposed to do this tag.... :D

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MADZ tag

I cant get any thing inside my mind....
I hope this tag from amds brings something out of my mind

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss.....was a confusion :P

2. I am listening to... Cant help falling in love by Elvis

3. I talk... when i really want to talk

4. I love... Some people and things in my life

5. My best friends.. are in good health.

6. My first real kiss... made someone cry.... :D

7. Love is... a treasure that u ll get somehow

8. Marriage is... presently a threat to my lifestyle

9. Somewhere, someone is thinking... how to end this recession and all.... :D

10. I'll always... brush my teeth before washing my face

11. The last time I really cried was because... When I got a horrible dream

12. My cell phone.. is having no camera, still i love it...

13. When i wake up in the morning... people around me are surprised

14. Before I go to bed... its usually morning again

15. Right now I am thinking about... What movie should i watch...

16. Babies are... cute and adorable

17. I miss... some ppl in my life

18. Today I.. will go out and buy some pepsi and khadya padhart(edible items)

19. Tom I will ... try to finish it all...

20. I really want to be able to... catch chicks soon.. not the girls... the real chicks.. i was champion when i was young somehow i forgot the art.... :P

I specially tag the mystery girl Danica K, and whoever wants to be tagged...

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Alright we have a bday again.This time its the Mumbai boy -Ajay Bhondve. He is turning 22 today according to official sources. The real age is still a mystery although the hairloss program almost blew his cover... :DI wish him a very happy birthday. Dude! may god bless you with all happiness... I wish u loads of fun and good luck. And yes Drink heavily and make the taxi or Auto wallas drive responsibly.Once you reach yr home.. dont go and talk with everyone... or open yr mouth. go to yr bed and sleep.. that will make yr happy bday even more happy...

Now the time for gifts....
there's no cake for you from my side.I bet you ll get loads of them....
So here i am sending you the thing which is most important for BE. like us..:D

Pick the one u like the most or drink each one of them.... :D

I even called Vijay Mallya... he said he is very happy with yr annual beer consumption and has a gift for u...

Here's the snap shot of the press conference held in bangalore...

I end this post with a song thats dedicated to you. Its called the Nowhere man by the Beatles... Hope this year you learn from the Nowhere Man and find out what you are missing in yourself and come out as a winner... also the second song is the bday song...
Enjoy and have a gr8 bday....

Cheers... ooops i broke the mug..... :D :D :D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birthday time!!

All right!!! Its 14th July 2009.Now a special thing I would like to do today is come up with a blog post dedicated to the freakiest though cutest little frd of mine -Shreya! This girl is turning 15 today.So what a special day it is. Wish u a very very happy birthday girl! Wish u have loads of fun today.May the Almighty bless u with all the happiness and joy.Wish you loads of love,luck and no lust at all :P..... Dont be a bad girl but yes u can be a good bat girl..(vampire :D)

The song on my blog is dedicated only to you.I hope u like it... :)
Here's a Collage I made for u. Hope u like it :) U can even see my shadow there in one of those pics... :D ... No prizes for guessing it correctly

Here's a cake with fifteen candles on it for you.I agree that its not finger lickin good... but yes i am loving it... :D and hope u love it too... :)

I finally end this post with a birthday song sung by some orange men. Plz forgive me and them..I did tell them yr name.... but they forgot.... One bad teacher and three bad students... :D
And yes do use the pause option for the Ninja Song player on the right sidebar.

Last but not the least i send a big hug to you on yr birthday.
Wish u a happy birthday again... have fun... :)

Cake Stolen from!

Video mugged from!

PS: Plz excuse me me if i have spelled birthday wrong. If i can pronounce it wrongly then i might spell it incorrectly too.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Dentists vs Doctors!

All Dentists are doctors,but not all doctors are Dentists! Why is this? Why are they not just Dentists? They are no where close to what the doctors in making study? The Doctors study two Bs with a M and S. Thats how we get MBBS...they study to become masters.Why they become masters? Because they handle two girlfriends/boyfriends and still remain a bachelor.
Bachelor of medicine and Bachelor of surgery. While on the other hand the dentists study BDS.
Only one thing to handle.

I think there must have been some kind of a scam.Long long time ago in a Kingdom far far away there must have been some kind of a trickery. Now this Kingdom must be famous for its medical knowledge. One famous Doctor in that kingdom hated to look at other people's mouth and thought the same shouldnt happen with his kids. So he must have spoken to the dumb king and forced him to announce a division of medical sciences. Doctors who expertise in dental region. But then he was afraid that they may become more famous than the usual doctors, so he told the king that these people no matter what they study and what they do they will continue to be called as doctors. And thats how it all must have begun.Over the period of time the scam was forgotten by all the people and the doctors were happy with the dentist being known as doctors.

But then one small section among the dentists never forgot the injustice.They formed a secret society and planned revenge.They tried hard to come out of the doctor's dogma.They formed their own association,tried to tell the world about themselves through TV ADs.Remember the pepsodent and colgate ads.These are secret and indirect ways to tell the world that look we are different from the doctors.We have our own association IDA! We are dentists after all!And then the biggest clue of all-The dentist's chair. Go to any doctor, they will either make you sit on a chair or make you lie down on a bed and then start the treatment. But the dentist decided to be different.They wanted to be different from what the doctors are doing. they must have thought they will not do what the doctors are doing.They must have kept their patients standing all the time while performing the treatment.But then some ingenious person must have come up with the dentist's chair. The benchmark of all inventions for the dentists. You neither sit on that or lie completely, its somewhere in between what the doctors make you do. Its different.

So the secret war between the dentists and the doctors continues for their seperate indentity.
I hope the dentists win....Wish them all the best.

PS:- excuse me for my views...I love all doctors,i love all dentists!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Law goes gay....

Girls smooching girls,boys giving hugs and kisses to other boys.Cheering and posing happily in front of the television cameras. Its all happening after Delhi High Court took some 57 years to find out that section 377 of the Indian Penal Code is violative of fundamental rights.So now this 149 year old law is no more punishable.Though all this is going to bring more entertaining news on certain news channels. Two boys elope from one village to get married , Top Telugu actor xyz's daughter runs away with her girlfriend to tie the rope ,Taxi driver rapes a foreign male national and etc.

Well this may be of concern to only a few people who would be associated directly.This new development has brought smiles only to the faces of homosexuals. The other league must be worried, especially the male(straight) community. We already faced a tough time finding the right girl, now the girls have one more legal option as their lifepartner-Another girl. This would be a double blow for us. We dont lose a single girl but we lose two girls for every legal homosexual relationship.

Another matter of concern is the homosexual community's needs to spread its league.They will hunt down for new people.They were always on the hunt for new recruits for their league,but that was a covert missiona nd their groth was slow.Now they have a new tool,they are stronger now. They have the law with themselves." Join us now,We are now legal" that would be their punch line.India was always unsafe for women, now it would be unsafe for men too.

Now the biggest concern.With great powers,comes great responsibilties and with great laws becoming unpunishable comes greater ways to extort money. Getting bachelor accomodation was always a problem. It will be get worse. You have to find a roommate who is really a true friend.A person whom you can trust.If you dont find such a person as your roommate then i would suggest dont pose for photographs with such people. Someday that pic may be used against you. They could end up suing you claiming palimony for deciet in a homosexual relationship,which actually never existed. God save us all.Hope Lord Macualay's soul still rest in peace.

PS: I dont mean to hurt anyone's sentiments. I was just thinking about the ways me and some of my friends would get affected by the recent developements...
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