Thursday, June 25, 2009

The occasions !

More: Life!!!! Return home and find my friends boozing!
Samir: Sorry buddy its ' The occasion '! Join us! Its yr home!
More: Na... I dont feel for it, whats the occasion?
Spiky: Samir got a new girlfriend!
More: hehe! Congrats! I ll join for the next occasion 2 weeks from now.
Chorus(Spiky and Samir): Next??
More: You know what i mean.. the start and the end Samir & GF... :D

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The elevator...

yallow.... whts up buddy?
U have to pick me from KD bhai's home..
Spiky: where's that?
More: E 101, Sardar nagar....
Spiky: what happened yr bike broke down again?? wait a sec..are u mad?get into the
elevator and press 7.

More: no i cant... u have to come.. i cant climb up the stairs..
Spiky: are boozed up?
More: yes...... and i am Claustrophobic..
Spiky: i come!
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