Tuesday, January 27, 2009

News Alerts!!!

"Hello! Now get all the news happening around you at your handset with Vodafone News Alerts. Subscribe @ Rs.30/month subscription and get daily 2 alerts."

"Kya ghat raha hai aap ke aas-paas, paiye Sthanik,rashtriye aur Anter-rashtriye khabren News Alerts se matra Rs 30/month.Dial kare *123*35# "

I get these messages every now and then on my mobile and now I wonder what kind of News alerts I ll be getting if I go for the subscription.How can they send everything that goes around me? Noone knows me.Even most of my neighbours have no idea who I am, what I do?Even I dont know much about them.All I know is what car they have and how many members are there in their family.Will these news alerts tell me more about what they do? Bcoz I strongly believe that me and my handset stay around or at least near them.

Ok if the news alerts are not about these issues then what will they tell me?I wonder how can just 2 alerts/day carry everything that happens around me and my handset.Dpo really mean it when they said "All the news"??? The news channels are now working 24-7 for creating top news,finding breaking news and creating the news.But I feel bored by their work.The newspapers carry so many pages with news but all I am interested is the so-do-ku games,a few comic strips, pics of actresses n cars and a few Ads.
But Vodafone? They send it everyday,thinking finally someday I ll decide to give them 30/month for trying to satisfy me what these news channels and newspapers have failed to do. "Sthanik,rashtriye aur Anter-rashtriye khabren!!! "
Plz do tell me what does "sthanik" means? if someday I to pay that subscription....


Suyambuvel. M said...

Shit happens!!
btw nice music and nice blog as well!!

cutestangel said...

haha thats marketing and advertising to catch some potential new customers!!!

Nivipooh said...

Hahaha that was funny.. good blog

Sorcerer said...

and those SMSMES
thats a nice blog.

Well..If any of you lucky one has the chance to talk to a human being after calling the customer care..of vodafone consider yourself to be lucky!

They put me in infinte loop..Now i Really know how the data feels like to be in an infinite loop

Tina said...

Hiya...Firstly ur blog greets its members with lovely music.

I must say I njoyed reading ur article, its got a sense of humor to it. May nt make u lol but will bring a smile on urface.

U knw wat vodafone is the only num that calls me on my cell phone :(

I find it funny at time and iritated wen i get no calls frm frnds but i get abt 5 calls and msgs frm vodafone.

Plz tell me u didnt subscribe


ARZ KIYA HAI said...

i also get such mesages. they are very irritating

Where thoughts are Word$ said...

Sthanik means regional mostly.



Nice one!!

Pretty Me!! said...

i subscribed to DND so as not to be bugged with such sms !

Dan* said...

well i dunno wat it means "sthanik" means? iam pakistan but whatever messages i get in my network i just deletes them cause i know they only want to earn money from u ;)

Dan* said...

hey your read more is not working ??

try this How to create expandable post

Gazafi Saif said...

well..sthanik...it means regional??..whatever...
got a sms today to subscribe for horoscope..

btw..nice blog and interesting posts

the pink orchid said...

blogrolled you.. :)

asit dhal said...

I hv also similar kind of subscription....but they send at least 5 messages a day(free of cost).

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