Monday, January 05, 2009


Mathematically impossible!But I have learnt that the world of marketing and advertising can make that possible.I went to the super market today to get some commodities and saw the new product from AXE.Well my brains tells me that its just a marketing strategy adopted by Unilever group to sell more deodourants and make more money.They are selling two different fragrances and claiming that we can create our own fragrance by using both at the same time.And hence they claim 1+1=3.

Use fragrance 1 on monday,fragrance 2 on tuesday and combination of 1 and 2 on wednesday.
so now u smell different on all three days.My brain said its a well planned marketting strategy by the company to woo a consumer who comes to buy a single deo into buying two.My heart was fighting with my brain to spend 270 bucks in getting that product.Although my heart very much agreed with my brain that whatever is shown in the Ad doesnt happen in real, it wanted the product for other reasons.

My brain finally won the fight and I returned home with 270+ bucks in my wallet to find that the neighbour's kid adventurously ventured into my room and started playing with my deo while I was away.They simply couldnt understand the difference between a room freshener and a deo!Anyways my heart was finally won and my brains gonna give in to the 1+1=3 offer.


cutestangel said...

The advertising world just captured another"bakra" into their trap!!!!
thats how they intice people by using cons like buy 2 get 1 free

ps I am running out of posts to comment on!!!

The Vitruvian Boy said...

but this seems to be a better offering than the usual but 2 get 1 free....

New post??? I am on it....

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