Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cards vs Cash!

I went to cafe coffee day the other day with a friend of mine.I love CCD, helps me in practicing multitasking. The stepup they have over helps u in improving this trait of yrs. You can have a cup of coffee,watch the plasma TV,listen to worldspace radio and watch what yr friend or other people are doing inside the cafe, all at the same time.

So as usual I was enjoying my cup of Kapi nirvana and listening to what my friend had to say.Had a nice time and then it was time to leave the place.I called the waitress and asked her for the bill.Moments later she brought the bill . I took the debit card from my wallet and placed it inside little black book or file that was used to bring the bill. She noticed that I wanted to pay through the card and came near me and spoke it the most polite manner "sorry sir! we have a problem with the machine! yr card wont work" If it wasnt for her voice I would have passed sarcastic comments abt how they always have a problem with that machine.I didnt have enough cash and asked my friend to pay the bill for now.I ll settle the amount once we reach an ATM.She paid the bill but was annoyed with me.I knew the reason but I felt it was better not to start the arguement about it.But she could nt control her feeling and came out with it-

She:-"why do u never carry cash along with u"
Me:-"What i do have 200 bucks cash and my debit card"
She:-"No! i dont wanna hear about yr debit card and the various offers associated with it.i am asking abt cash"
Me:-"well u wont understand"
She:-"understand what?"
Me:-"Ok! Ok! ceasefire! ceasefire! I will carry cash along with me"

Well this is a editted account of the arguement we had that day!

I just dont understand why some people feel proud to carry cash along with them and not feel the same way about a debit card! Do they feel superior when they get to sport a bundle of 100 or 500 rupee notes...Is it a feeling of superiority or safety.I dont understand what it is?They feel as if they are unwanted in a shop if they wish to pay through a debit or credit card.They ll behave with the shopkeeper as if the card is a note from the bank that says "excuse me shopkeeper! This person isnt carrying enough cash.please let him/her take what ever he/she wants.We ll pay u back in some time.We regret for the inconvenience caused!" They remind me of the school days when after a conflict or some other problem we were allowed inside the class only after we showed the teacher a written note from our parents that said something like"please allow our son/daughter inside the class.We assure u that this kind of behaviour wont be repeated again."

Well there are still a lot many shops that dont accept cards but then we can always plan our trip.We have ATM machines almost everywhere.And then facilties like freedom banking and etc make it easier for us to withdraw cash from any ATM machine.Now what is more safe and easy? Cards or cash?

P.S:-I dedicate this blogpost to a person who has a habit of carrying a handbag thats somehow related to a swiss army knife(cousins I guess) A purse that contains almost everything that can be used,but more things that are usually never used.
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