Monday, January 12, 2009

Indian Railways

I wonder if they have keys to start a railway have them,bikes have them,so do the trucks and even tractors have them!I think they have the keys for a railway engine too.That one reason why we get delays from the originating stations and some other stations.The reason is the driver misplaces the keys and he's not able to start the engine and move.

Have u seen noticed that sometimes u do see the signal turning green or orange from red but the train does'nt move.They speak of having technical problems with the train but within 10 minutes they all everything in order.They lie! Coz it would be very embarrassing for them to tell that that the driver misplaced the keys.

Picture this- U are at the station and waiting for the train to depart and u hear the lady on the announcement system saying "May I have your attention please! Train no blah and blah from so and so place to so and so destination will depart from platform number 5 as soon as the driver finds the misplaced keys.It will take at least 10 more minutes for the train to depart.The inconvenience caused is deeply regretted! "They cant have this announcement, so they come up with the stories..

And I wonder how the same lady announces in almost every station in this country.Ok they must have some recording and all but why the same lady?Are we short of ladies with a good voice?Or did some old railway minister fell deeply in love with a voice of a lady and then he forced the poeple in railway stations to use only her voice for the announcement as a tribute to his ladylove?

And then many a times the train makes up time.So this means that they increase the usual speed of the train.The train may be 2 hrs late but it makes up sometime and arrives a hour late or so.Now if they can move little more faster? why dont they move fast all the time?
This proves that the whole Railway network is a bunch of lazy people.They can be quick but they dont want to be quick.And this making up of time proves this fact.

I hope u have a good time with Indian railways!!!!


cutestangel said...

lolz this is soo funny, train drivers and keys.Maybe they should wear them round their neck on a chain.

Disha said...

Nice one...

Never thought about trains with keys!!


sanz360 said...

ohkay... somewat different.. trains with keys.. dsnt sound too probable but yea d sme woman's voice on every station... now that's a gud point

overall.. nice post..:)


siddhu said...

ha ha..even i've wondered abt that voice on all stations!!!funny..

here is drop in..

desert rose said...

wonderful marvelous...
keep up the good work..
b/w wat impress's u to write these kinda posts

The Vitruvian Boy said...

try spending some time waiting for a train at the railway station....

Sorcerer said...

you said it buddy!

Arush Mittal said...

"Are we short of ladies with a good voice?"

this was super kool! :D

bella said...

railway minister's lady luv...!![:D]lol
actually this thing often came into mah mind dat how cum d same lady announces d info. at evry station in india

u really presented it well...n itz simply hillarious.!!

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