Friday, May 22, 2009

The phone!

Samir and More Orangee came back to More's apartment.More's Cellphone was stolen again.It happens all the time with him.This time Samir was to be blamed.He was the last known person to have it.

Orangee: I cant believe this! How can this happen again and again with me!

Samir: Well! it happens happens..

Orangee: how could you leave the phone there at the sofa!

Samir: Well it wasnt feeling comfortable inside my pocket,and besides we were just two at the CCD,so I thought yr cellphone could get the extra seat beside me.

Orangee: So I shouldnt blame you, i should blame my cellphone which didnt signal us while we were leaving.Right?

Samir: Yup! you are right! I think it loved that place,the air-conditioned environment,the music,the girls.We were just a bunch of broing boys.It deserves that place.

Spiky enters the scene,smoking his fake cuban cigar!

Spiky: what happened? you look pissed off?

Orangee: Somebody stole my phone from CCD!

Spiky:! So we ll have a treat when u buy a new cellphone.Who stole it?

Orangee: I dont know! Somebody did it. We went back there, But i could find it.What should i do now? Go file an FIR at the police station?

Samir: What will they do?Its gone!

Orangee:Ya ya! You are right,Maybe i should call Vodafone care,block my SIM.

Spiky: Maybe you should call your phone!

Samir: Yes! we never tried doing that!Come on dial the number!

Orangee: Al right! lets give it a shot!

callertune playing-
He's a real nowhere man,
Sitting in his nowhere land,
Making all his nowhere plans
For nobody.
Doesn't have a point of view,
Knows not where he's going to,

stranger: Hello!
Orangee whipers-Its a girl!!!

Orangee: Hello! is this 9978456781?

Stranger: i have no idea abt that?

Orangee:Can ask you some questions?

Stranger:Ya sure!

Orangee: is this yr cellphone?

Stranger:No its not..

Orangee:Did you steal this phone from CCD today?

Stranger: yes i did!

Orangee:You did it...?? But its my cellphone..

Stranger: I didnt know it was yrs.

Spiky and samir could believe what they were hearing on the speaker phone.

Orangee: What are you going to do with my cellphone.

Stranger: Well i dont know! listen to songs, take pictures or sell it.

Orangee: Plz can i have it back??

Stranger: No i dont think so.

Spiky started waving his hands.he wanted to talk with this girl.Orangee handed the reciever to him.


Stranger:Ya hello! who's this?

Spiky: Its me Spiky! There are some good forward messages in his inbox,could you plz forward it to my number? its 99784001917!

Stranger: Hello Spiky!Ya sure i ll forward them.

Spiky: And dont worry! Its a postpaid connection! No worries with the balance and all.And also there are some phone numbers and picture of girls in his phone.Most of them are my girlfriends So plz mail them to me. ! will you??

Stranger: No problems! I ll do that!

Spiky: Ya thanks a lot girl! Here I give it back to Orangee...

Samir graps the phone from Spiky,

Samir: Hello!

Stranger: Hello Orangee!

Samir: No its me Samir!

Stranger: hello Samir! whats up??

Samir: Wow u have a sweet voice!Can i have yr phone number?

Stranger: Sure! ask Orangee, he knows it....

The call is disconnected!

May be continued! :D

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Refrigerator :- The forgotten mother

I've come to the conclusion that there are certain things in your life that play a very vital role in keeping your life comfortable. The irony is that we dont even think about them, forget about realizing their importance.The refrigerator is one such thing in our life.I guess everyone who reads this post would have a refrigerator at their home.

In modern world,the refrigerator is like the mother earth for all forms of foods.Be it dairy products,meat,vegetables,fruits or cold drinks and other hard drinks.It protects them,provides them an environment where they can live longer and breath fresh air and hang out comfortably. So when it does this it helps us too.Coz we want it to behave in that way.The better it plays this role,the more satisfied we are.

We dont have break up with only people.We also have them with the food that we eat.How many times it has happened while watching TV and gulping down that bottle of pepsi when u feel that "I have had enough of that pepsi..I cant take it...I am breaking off..." But there's still something in that bottle thats attracts you and u dont pour it down the sink. When yr neighbour sends home-made gulab jamuns just after u finish yr dinner, U know that u cant have more of them but still care for it.You want those gulab jamuns to stay near u for a longer time.Thats when the Refrigerator comes handy.You stuff all the left overs. So that u can spend time with those food later on.The poor refrigerator never complains.It accepts them with a wide open door.

So because of the refrigerator, what you can have is two life forms of matter that sometimes don't really ever want to be together, and the Refrigerator is like this relationship support system that keeps these strange,Stomachful relationships between humans and food alive.Not only this, it has to listen to those gossips that may happen inside it.The various food stuffs that boast abt who is the most fresh among all,who's got the most nutrition value and what not.It has to listen to these talks.What these innocent food item dont realize is that al of them are goin to be punished and they are goin to hell.This is the place where they should live in harmony.Some of them would be cut into some pieced, fried with oil or boiled.And then they will finally enter the human digestive system where various acids would be poured on them and make the shit out of them.

Humans are not just making a hole in the mother earth's ozone layer,They do that with the refrigerator too.Every time u dont close its doors properly u let the harmful heatwaves to enter its atmosphere. It still tries its best to maintain the atmosphere inside it work hard and take a big load on it compressor heart and you blame it for yr big electricity bill.And once something happens to it, you go mad.You call everywhere,trying to find someone who can bring it to life again. You yell at the serviceman when he come late. You realize that u cant live with the refrigerator.Your kitchen seems to be more spacious bcoz of the refrigerator's absence but it doesnt make you happy.You want the serviceman to fix it fast.The summers get more hotter.Life is never like the way it was.And when it finally returns you forget everything and settle down with the usual way of life.

It never sleeps.Its sole purpose is to keep u happy and it works right from day one when it steps into yr house.Occasionally it gets rest when there's a powercut or when u decide to empty it and switch it off before u go for yr vacation. Who else serve's you this way?Only your refrigerator works and works for you as you eat and keep your stomach full.So the next time when u open the doors of your fridge,give it a bear hug and a kiss,i am sure its machine heart would miss a heart beat... :P :)
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