Friday, January 09, 2009

Mismanaged washing

Mismanaged washing of clothes! Ya, that what I just did.
Tomorrow I am going for an outing and wanted myself in a specific outfit.They guys have decided on a color code.Blue jeans and black Tees and a black sports jacket....I was part of this feminine type of debate over the phone and finally voted for the blue black combination.After 15-20 mins of debate the verdict was out and it was the blue-black combination that won.

So went to my wardrobe to choose the outfit and was shocked to see that none of the clothes that had come from washing were blue or black in color.It was 3 pm and I thought all would be fine if I use the washing machine.So finally took the clothes(chosen ones) and brought the washing machine to life by connecting its wire to the switch board and dumped all the clothes inside the tube.Connected the pipe with the tap and programmed it for a quick-wool-wash.Then I added the detergent.Turned the tap on and a few seconds later later the machine demonstrated its waterfall effect of adding water inside the tub.

Everything was fine but after a few minutes the water effect ended without any warning.The tub showed no intentions of rotation.Only the lights blinked,I went for and inspection and it didnt take me long to find out that there was no water supply.Gr8! I was already pissed off due to the fuel shortage and long queues outside Petrol Station and now water too....

The clothes were wet with detergent water so the idea about wearing clothes that werent washed is also out of question.I am still waiting for the water supply to come back!I wish it comes soon.

And thats the story behind mismanaged washing!!!

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cutestangel said...

haha can you imagine awoman using this excuse each time she didnt do the washing??Would any male believe her???

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