Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Reverse Gear

The Hero Honda Passion made a peculiar sound as the rider applied brakes. Orangee glanced away from his cellphone screen with an expectation. Yes,It was Spiky.

Spiky:- hey! you wont believe whom i saw just now.
There was an excitement in his voice, a joy!
Orangee(smiling) :- i would believe every word of yrs
Spiky:- Boy! she was pissed off i guess, she said she wont talk with me either.
Orangee:- ooh ya??
Spiky:- ya.. spoke something about break-up by association something.
Orangee:- Ok! So Shania will have to choose side now. Us or her...
Spiky: what did u do?What happened??
Orangee :- Well! dont ask... i dont wanna talk abt it..We are late.. lets get going...

7 mins earlier

More Orangee sat on the bus stop bench. He saw a bus approaching the stop. He watched as the driver steered the big vehicle towards left and brought it to a stop.Noone got down,there was noone else in that stop so the Conductor whistled and the bus went away.
"I wish i had waited for the this bus" thought Orangee. He pulled out his Cellphone and started playing Sudoku.

12 mins earlier

More Orangee got down from the bus and stretched his arms and legs.

" Hmm tiring journey huh??"
Orangee turned back to see the source of this familiar voice.
Orangee(surprised): ooh!! Sundae!! hi!.... what are you doing here?
Sundae: U didnt answer my question... and by the way what brings you to this
part of the city?

Orangee: nah nah.. not tiring..40 min ride! I was gonna watch a movie with my

Sundae: Movie with Shreya... seems interesting..
Orangee: what?? no! no! she isnt coming... were u in the same bus?
Sundae: ooh just shut up. Stop fooling around. I know there's something going on
you two.Stop pretending.Why dont you accept the truth?
Orangee: Are you crazy? what are you talking abt? and what if i watch a movie
with her?

Sundae: huh... so u are watching the movie with her.
Orangee: i didnt say that..
Sundae: U just said that... just stop pretending that i still mean a lot to you. i just
saw how much
u love me !How much you care abt me.
Orangee: Listen! i have no idea about what you are talking about?
Sundae: Just stop it.. stop it!!
Orangee: Stop what? This is a stop.. A bus stop.Thats the board.The Driver is
supposed to stop the bus her,I am a Pedestrian.

Sundae: Would you ever take my talks seriously?
Orangee: Listen i am serious! could you please explain what is this all about.You
are the one who
gets angry and doesnt answer my calls for days.
Complete cut off. And now this??

Sundae: Listen i am sick of all this.You are pathetic.There is no use talking to you. I
just wanna
say is Go to hell... I dont wanna talk to you ever. Go watch
movies with as many girls as
you want.
Orangee: Spiky isnt a girl!!
Sundae: Dont interrupt! I am breaking up with you! this is final. U ll never get the
satisfaction of
ignoring my calls and sms and all. Coz i am never ever
gonna call you again.

Orange : Satisfaction of ignoring your calls? wait!!! listen to me... i can explain!!!
Sundae : Its over.. i no longer believe you... stay away from me or i ll call the police
and press
eve-teasing charges on you.

She walked away. Orangee stood there and wondered why the Govt of India didnt make any laws for Adam-Teasing. Afterall there must be many boys like him in this country.

15 mins earlier

Orangee was sat near the window. He felt lucky. He never got seat in public buses and today he got a window seat. A really nice day for him he thought.He felt his cellphone vibrating and pulled it from his jeans pocket. 1 message from Sundae " Hi how are you dear... I was thinking abt us... and i think i was wrong. I believe you now. Orangee smiled reading this. He kept the phone in his pocket and saw scenery outside the window when he sensed his cellphone ringing. He pulled out to see who's calling, but he missed it.It read 1 missed call Sundae 6:30 pm. Orangee made a disgusted face and kept the phone in his pocket. 2 mins later the call came again. He took it out and just when he was about to answer it, the call was disconnected. he kept his phone in the pocket again. The round of missed calls came again and again and everytime Orangee was gonna answer it, it would get disconnected. Orangee switched his phone to offline mode.He saw his stop was coming so he went near the front exit door.

10 mins earlier

Shania: you have plans for this evening?
Orangee: yes! A movie.
Shania: wow! With Sundae?
Orangee: Nopes... she isnt talking yet... I am going with Spiky.
Can i have yr phone..i have to make a call...
Shania: sure! Spiky??
Orangee: ya..

Orangee took the cellphone and made the phone call.

The convo

Orange: heyy! Its me More...
Spiky : listen.. i am stuck...i wont be free till 7..
Orangee :what happened?
Spiky: long story... why dont u take a bus to my place.. i ll pick u up from the stop...
we ll make it on time...
Orangee: alright but listen be there by 7:05. I dont have bal on my phone...
so i wont be able
make calls or text you. 7:05 sharp! OK???
Spiky : Roger that! 7:05 pm...
Orangee: see you then...
Spiky: cya..


karthik said...

Sorry dude. Couldn't make any sense of this. Was it a story or something? By the way, your blog is very innovative. Keep going! Keep writing! All the best!

Anoop said...

The background color and the text color is kinda lookin odd...
can u do somethin to it???

haf fun

mysterious gal said...

That was interesting! And trust me it did made sense to me.....After all the complicated me can understand stories of entangled and complicated lines! it was interesting tit bits which were retrospective about thought processes......but was very unlike orangee's style :P....but still liked the new way :)

angel from heaven said...

Very complicated but I think I got the plot!!lolz

mAhEsH KaLaAL said...

may be i need more stuff to perceive ur topics..seems quite out of the box...
But go ahead with whatever you want to write irrespective of feedback...
keep writing

Mahesh Kalaal

Sorcerer said...

Simply billiant..simply orangee.
keep em commin dude!!

you coined a new term..ADAM TEASING..
Patent it

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