Friday, August 24, 2012

The Call- Part 1

It was usual Saturday morning.  Spiky and Lessmore were awake since 7 am while More Orangee was still in bed. The Tv was on and was showing the latest bollywood songs on MTV.
Lessmore walked past Orangee’s bed and pulled the blanket away from Orangee. Few mins later Spiky entered the room and switched off the fan. Orangee  showed no signs of waking up.

“ Throw water on him , he is gonna ruin one more weekend of ours with his sleep “. Said Spiky tossing a water bottle towards Lessmore.

“ Well  last time we tried this, it was the worst ever weekend! He refused to cooperate at all “ replied 

“ So what do we suggest we can do about this situation !!! “ Asked spiky

“ Wait or pray for a miracle “ answered Lessmore with a sarcastic face.

Suddenly Spiky reached for the TV remote and pressed the Mute button. “ I think someone’s phone is ringing. “

yup ! Its Orangee’s , I ll go and check who is calling him “

Lessmore reached the cellphone and saw it was a call from an unknown number. He returned back to the living room with the cellphone.

“Who is it?? Why aren’t u answering it ?? “ Asked Spiky

“Well , its an unknown number.. what should I do  “ Replied Lessmore

“ Ya alright, I ll answer “

“Well answer it.. Whats the fear behind answering calls from unknown number?  “
Just when the ring was about to end, Lessmore answered the call.
“ Hello “
“ Hello “ was the reply in a Girl’s voice on the other side of the cellphone.
Lessmore was quick to cover the mic with his hands and whispered to Spiky

Spiky raised his eyebrows “ What about that ? ,  don’t u think  you should talk there instead of here ?“
“It’s a Girl !!! “

“ I don’t think I should handle this call, How about you  “

“ No you picked the call, you talk “

Spiky and Lessmore Danced around the Moulded chair, with Lessmore trying hard to give the phone to Spiky. Spiky meanwhile did his best to keep his hands away from the cellphone.

“ Talk!! U Idiot!! What will that girl think, u said Hello and Disappeared…  “
Whispered Spiky

“ You talk if u are so concerned about her … !!! “

“ Precious seconds are adding value to rudeness with which we are treating that caller! Answer the call Lessmore  ““ Hello!  “
“ Hello, am I speaking to More Orangee? “  enquired the girl’s Voice

“ She wants talk to Orangee “
 Lessmore whispered to Spiky

“ Give the phone to me you Idiot! What do u think she Dialed Orangee’s number to speak with Obama ? “

Lessmore threw the phone towards Spiky’s ears and spiky’s hand’s caught hold of the phone exactly when it reached his ears.

“ Hello  , I am His Roommate speaking, More Orangee is sleeping ! May I know who’s calling?”“ Well I am Sneha Nair , When will he wake up ? “

“ Do u want me to wake him  ? “

“ Nah its ok, I ll call him later “

“ May I know what’s this regarding  “

“ Nah! Its ok I ll call later “

“ Is this regarding Credit cards offer ? “

” No ”

Personal Loans??
“ No way, Listen just tell yr roommate to call back when he wakes up “  replied Sneha angrilySpiky asked sarcastically“ Is there any other thing I can do for you maam? “

“ Yes , Next time decide who will do the talking before  u guys answer yr roommate’s phone ,
Or at least make sure you cover the mic properly while communicating with each other. “
Sneha Nair replied before disconnecting the call

 The reply came as a sucker punch to Spiky! He was point blank !!!  It took a while to realize that Lessmore was whispering continuously  

“What is he saying, who she is ?? “

“ It was some Sneha Nair, when Orangee wakes up I am supposed to tell him that he needs to call back. “ 
Spiky replied with an almost mute volume of sound.

“Nair ??? Mallu!!! Hmm Did she hang up “ Asked Lessmore

“ Ya she  did ““  Why are u still Whispering then ? ““Hmmm…aa aaha Nothing! Lets wake up Orangee, I think the miracle happened ! “Spiky and Lessmore entered Orangee’s bedroom and started nudging Orangee.
Wake up Orangee!!! Wake up !!
 “ Get the hell out of here, Let me sleep “ replied orange in a sleepy voice

“ Orangee! Some girl called you on yr cellphone. She said she will talk only to you”“ I am not spoiling my Saturday’s sleep for some girl ! ““ Its not some girl. Its Sneha Nair! She told her name as well “
“ Did u say Nair ?? “ Orangee opened his eyes and raised his eyebrows

“Ya Nair! Who is she I never knew you knew someone by that name ? ” Asked Lessmore

“ I don’t know any Sneha Nair, Nair Means Mallu right?? “
“ Yup !!!  wow Orangee Gets a call from a mallu girl And its not abt credit cards or personal loans “Lessmore spoke with a big smile on his face

” Huh !! what if its about charity , country Club memberships etc etc ” Asked Orangee 

” I spoke to her, and she didnt sound like that, And she knew yr name Orangee!! She knows you!! A mallu girl knows about you and your number and she called you and u dont know who she is??? This is Atrocious !! And here u are miserably lazy, sleeping and wasting away the wonderful oppurtuinities that life is giving you ” said Spiky

 Alright!! Alright!! Enough of preachings!! I ll call her “

Will be continued

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