Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birthday time!!

All right!!! Its 14th July 2009.Now a special thing I would like to do today is come up with a blog post dedicated to the freakiest though cutest little frd of mine -Shreya! This girl is turning 15 today.So what a special day it is. Wish u a very very happy birthday girl! Wish u have loads of fun today.May the Almighty bless u with all the happiness and joy.Wish you loads of love,luck and no lust at all :P..... Dont be a bad girl but yes u can be a good bat girl..(vampire :D)

The song on my blog is dedicated only to you.I hope u like it... :)
Here's a Collage I made for u. Hope u like it :) U can even see my shadow there in one of those pics... :D ... No prizes for guessing it correctly

Here's a cake with fifteen candles on it for you.I agree that its not finger lickin good... but yes i am loving it... :D and hope u love it too... :)

I finally end this post with a birthday song sung by some orange men. Plz forgive me and them..I did tell them yr name.... but they forgot.... One bad teacher and three bad students... :D
And yes do use the pause option for the Ninja Song player on the right sidebar.

Last but not the least i send a big hug to you on yr birthday.
Wish u a happy birthday again... have fun... :)

Cake Stolen from!

Video mugged from!

PS: Plz excuse me me if i have spelled birthday wrong. If i can pronounce it wrongly then i might spell it incorrectly too.


raj87 said...

Happy BirthDay shreya..

insanevisitationsofacrazymind said...

Happy Birthday Shreya.....many many happy returns of the day......

CRD said...

Happy Bday Shreya! :)

Hi Vitruvian, lets have a chat wenever ur free :d


Aarthi said...

Happy Birthday Shreya... :)

God bless you!

angel from heaven said...

Happy Birthday Sherya.@more beautiful blog dedication.Loved the idea.


Waooo... Shreya you so lucky to have this tangy orange guy man.. such a rollickin' post and yumm cake.. Happy Birthday girl!! enjoy!!

Ps- Great one Mr. Orangee!!! :P

Akshay said...

Best Way To Wish BirthDay...

Anonymous said...

thank u all...especially orangee...thanx a lot buddy..

Riya Rocks said...

oops!! m late well Belated Happy Birthday to u dear :)

Paavan said...


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