Sunday, April 26, 2009

The phone call !

My first attempt at 55 fiction!!! :P

The phone rang for ages! Finally someone answered.

Hello Spiky! Orangee must be sleeping?

Hello Molly! No, he's gone out.

It means the same..tell him if he doesnt call me tonight,i ll never ever talk again.
Oh! Are you very angry?

No,But I am very serious.

Orangee never called back!


C R D said...

LOL! Wanted to get rid of her eh? :P

Btw nice template dude. is this a CSS template? Looks really good


cutestangel said...

This is the shortest piece of fiction I have ever read.!!!!lolz

Anonymous said...

So cute! :D

sajith viswam said...

Ohh very tragic END!

Did Molly called again!!

ohh im worried!! :D

Great Small-Piece work yaar!

Anonymous said...

nicely dipicted..precise and accurate :)

Iti said...

Ohkay......Spiky wanted to go out with he didn't tell Orangee about Molly's call 'cause he didn't like seeing them together.

Plz plz plz say I'm right....o plz say that the mystery has now been resolved

Oh, I'm glad I could help :D

Dan* said...

cool blog :)

The Vitruvian Boy said...

@ chris.....

arre yaar fiction hae... :P :D

Pata nahi kya template hae...
mujhe CSS ke bare me nahi pata... :(

The Vitruvian Boy said...

@ nayna ji..

Thank u... :)

@ ki

thank u for dropping by... :)

@ sajith

thank yaar.. its fictional... :) will try to bring a happy twist.. :)

@charistmatic and dan...

thank u so much... :)

The Vitruvian Boy said...

@ Iti

Thank u so much.... u gave me a new idea... the happy twist.... :)

gr8!!! i ll be working on it.... :)

Anonymous said...

lol.. interesting. now its making sense, all of it.. orangee and spiky!

good one :)

Mads said...

hehehe....shortest story i ever read :P
who is molly? ;;) :D

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