Thursday, August 20, 2009

It must have been love, but its over now !!!

"I still care for you a lot but i am no longer in love with you, I realize we aren't meant for each other "

Now when yr girl comes and speaks these words of wisdom to you, your world comes crashing down around you. Yet you face this terrible blow heroically and walk away... only to get confused between yours dreams and reality and end up calling her at late nights. Wise men were always right. Time does heal pain. But the problem is, they were partly right. Time alone doesnt heal any pain. Its has to start with your efforts. Its time to get you back in one piece.

Enjoy singleton

Dont stop walking just bcoz you are alone. You had a gr8 time with her, why should it be any different without her? Analysis the thing you have earned from the break up? You now have loads of extra free time, coz you dont have to meet her, wait for her outside the beauty parlour,
or talk endlessly on phone.So utilize this time, watch new movies, learn some art, read books. Something constructive , dont just sit idle. You also have loads of balence on yr phone now, Call up your old frds and Granny or the ones you always wanted to talk but never had the balance on yr phone bcoz of yr ex. Your voice will make them happy... and in turn u ll be happy too..

Returning from Neverland

If She had no existence in reality at all, u wouldnt miss her! Believe this as a fact! Visit new places. Dont go to the same hangouts spots where u used to go out with her. Every new place will have new birds. Delete all her sugar coated messages , change the wallpaper,remove the speed dial from your mobile phone. Allocate these resources for other people you love but never expressed it to them. Send a sms to yr dad,mom or sibling saying how much you love them and miss them. Seems strange and embarrassing. Buts it works wonders..


Change everything around you that reminds about her. Rename her on yr mobile phone. Get her First name as well as Last name. Use yr anger to find good pseudo names for her. Dumper truck, Neel Metal Fanalca , Medussa. Search for a name that brings a smile on yr face, every time you receive her call or sms. The name should related to her in some or the other way.


If you cant use renovation methods , delete her name from the contact list. Dont save her number at all. Make yr brain work everytime you want to call her. Mentally replay all your ex's bad qualities or the bad times of yr relationships. Imagine her with some extra weight, her worst hairstyle and her worst dress. Replay those first initial comments that came to yr mind but never came out of yr mouth when you were with her.Think abt this everytime before you want to make a call The fingers of temptation would surely be resisted. Always remember For every positive aspect abt your ex, there has to be an equal and opposite negative aspect abt her. So its not difficult.


The naughty videos and photos where she is cuddling you. The beautiful places you have visited together. One treatment for all such pic. If you are not able to gather the courage to press those two buttons. Ask yr frd to do tht for you. I am sure he would do that if he's yr best frd. Take her pic out from yr wallet. Dont think that you are Imran Hasmi from the movie Zeher and yr ex will be delighted when someday she sees the pic is still there on yr wallet. This kind of illusion will only result in losing new birds.


"lets just stay as friends"
Ha ha ha! This is the polite and indirect way of saying you are demoted but she would still need your services. DONT SAY YES! Be a man! Stay polite and say no. Dont think this could be your chance for a second innings.. Relationships arent like Test match, they are either T20 or ODIs...
Even if she really wants it, stay firm. Tell her you are facing a recession when it comes to friends and able to give importance and time to yr present friends and thats why u arent looking for new ones. However in future you will update her for any new openings.


Tell your friends not to talk about her. The past wasnt only about her alone. There are so many things they can talk about, other than you being single. Hangout with people who are stronger than you. Get inspired by them. If they can look and feel happy you can be the same. Hand out with your friends who are girls and single. Dont try anything. Just hangout.


You must be burning inside. But then dont let the smoke come out.They say 'You dont realize the importance of certain things in your life until you lose them.' Thats so true when it comes to ex girlfriends. You may suddenly find yr ex more hot and attractive than ever. The reason? Girls who dump their boyfriends dont resort to smoking and booze.So stay away from it. It wont help at all. Devdas died in the end alone. No matter what Green fairy wouldnt give you the real pleasure of life. Life would be more of an illusion.


Utilize the fire inside you, Join a gym, get in shape. Upload power songs like Lose yrself, Remember the name, eye of the tiger and Superman on yr ipod and hit the treadmill. And when u run dont just sing "I cant be your Superman" instead sing i would be superman for someone else. With great looking healthy body comes no great responsibilities but you may get great looking birds.


This is the most important of all.You have been dumped, that doesnt mean you will stay Single forever. But then you should nt rush to find a new soul mate. Noone can clap with a single hand. If she dumped you, there would be reasons for it. There must be some shortcomings on yr side too. If she is a Magica De Spell then you must be Flintheart Glomgold as well. Try to find these faults on yrside. Remove them all before you hunt for a new mate. try to think the alchemist way. You are dumped once, you may not be dumped again, but if you dumped twice, you may be dumped again and again.


This isnt about plotting at all. Dont be a villain. " if she isnt mine she is noones " You would be really be one sick person if you think so. The best revenge in life is living a good life. So work up yrself before you find your next girlfriend. And when you find her, love her like noone has ever loved . She deserves all the happiness in her life. so dedicate yr soul for accomplishing that. That would be the ultimate revenge.But this ultimate revenge would be ultimate if u dont really mean what you are doing. She should never get the feeling that you are doing this just for a revenge against yr ex. Enjoy as couple. You should be like Ex's envy Owner's Pride

Have a happy time ahead....... :) PS :- Please pardon me girls. I dont mean to hurt any girls sentiments. I dont mean to say that only girls are bad and dump boys. There are boys who do that as well. Hope some of you may come up with a post dedicated to girls who have been dumped. Or the girls may twist some of the above mentioned points for their own good :)


wanderer_ish said...

Tips from the expert ?? :D
Hilarious... but pretty scary too! ;)

mona said...

wow... that was a great post!!! hope all those loser dev.ds out there take some inspiration from this one... life's not about stopping at one thing... its about moving on..!! and never go back to your ex.. it NEVER works.. period!!!... if it had to it would have the first time itself...

loved the post man.. ultra-realistic... words of wisdom... keep up the good work!!

Where thoughts are Word$ said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh....That was soooo true and I think guys would find those tips pretty useful.


Good to read something on this blog after nearly 20 days!!


Hope someone writes a part 2 for GIRLS :D

mona said...

oh yeah.. forgot to add.. d imran hashmi thing was hilarious... rofl..still laughing... and dumper truck too... lolz...!!

The Vitruvian Boy said...

@ Danica

expert??? :P

Dont worry.. Wont happen with all... :)

The Vitruvian Boy said...

@ mona...

Ya DevD's should learn from this...

Actually DevD lost the first girl bcoz he had too much of vodka.... :D
So he collapsed before he could stop the wedding... :D

Thank you... :)

Anoop said...

haha...really nice...

n good tricks too..

Haf fun,

PS: i think u could hav changed the text color from 'blue' to somethin was kinda tuff to read... :) n yea also this word verification... its such a pain ;)

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

i think i read a long post. but i m pretty sure it was worth it. damn good mahn. its funny how the timing is so perfect.

Aparna said...

thanx for sharing ur gyaan about moving on after bitter break ups

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