Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The elevator...

yallow.... whts up buddy?
U have to pick me from KD bhai's home..
Spiky: where's that?
More: E 101, Sardar nagar....
Spiky: what happened yr bike broke down again?? wait a sec..are u mad?get into the
elevator and press 7.

More: no i cant... u have to come.. i cant climb up the stairs..
Spiky: are boozed up?
More: yes...... and i am Claustrophobic..
Spiky: i come!


Aparna said...


angel from heaven said...

lolz!!! thats funny!!

Anonymous said...

cool !!

check this :

mysterious gal said...

ur 55 fictions are always mast and fun....and so r all ur them :D

kanika said...

nice blog and g8 post

vampire said...

lmao...!! :D
boozed up n claustrophobic..good combo!! :P btw u lost ur fo9 ryt how did u call up spiky?? u bought a new one kya? :)

Sai @ Blogger Widgets said...

ha ha..that was funny dude !

Dr. Internet said...

lol. funny!

Mads said...

hehe mast :P
spiky mast dost hoga re. coming to ur rescue always :P :D

Proneat said...


Gopalakrishnan said...

haha.. that was darn funny and witty as well.. :) Keep posting more...


angel from heaven said...

I will say it again funny I really made me smile.
I like the the template its kewl.

Adisha said...

lol... that was fun ... :D

Anonymous said...


Where thoughts are Word$ said...



Loved this one.
Nice template too!! :)


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